Weekly Liturgy Schedule

Before coming to Divine Liturgy, please click here to check schedule for the current week.

Tuesday and Thursday-  DIVINE LITURGY at 5:00 PM

Wednesday and Friday – DIVINE LITURGY at 8:00 AM

Saturday –  DIVINE LITURGY 5:00 PM (Vigil)

Sunday – DIVINE LITURGIES 9:00 AM English, 10:30 AM Ukrainian

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available before or after Divine Liturgy and also upon request. If priest is not in the confessional, please notify him that you want to go to confession.  Otherwise sit and wait in the pew that is next to the confessional.

Note: On holidays and during Great Lent there may be changes to the Liturgy schedule. Please call the office to hear the Liturgy schedule for the holiday week (770) 760-1111 or check our  online bulletin.

Except on the 13th of each month, when the Pilgrim Divine Liturgy is at 2:00 pm